The Right Way = More Time Freedom, More Income and More Chiropractic Care for the People in Your Community
The Wrong Way = Headaches, Hand-holding or Even Worse - Hiring an Associate that Steals Patients and Opens up Down the Street!
✔ Help with managing a high patient volume

✔ Reduce your own work schedule - more free time

✔ Stimulate growth to the next level

✔ Add a DC with a different set of skills so you can offer new services

✔ Adding a new location

✔ Completely transition out of practice but still maintain a full-time income

Whatever your reason for making the move ...don’t go it alone.

Just like when you opened that first practice, YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES.

And it is those mistakes that will lead to the headaches, income loss and stress that you don’t want and didn’t see coming.

Find a mentor who has successfully added associates to help you.

And if you don’t have someone readily available who has successfully employed high achieving associates to help you, consider allowing us to help.
When Dr. Troy Couselman and I first joined forces back in 1998, we did it to open our first (of what would become many) practices together. We became good friends in chiropractic school and it just made sense to go into business together. Within just a few short years of opening, we expanded this practice to more than 10,000 square feet and employed professionals such as massage therapists, a PT, a PTA, a general practice MD, a Physiatrist and of course an associate DC.

All was well until a couple of years later when we decided to open additional clinics in a different state and so started the process of selling this practice to the associate who had faithfully worked right alongside us making a great living and helping a lot of people.

Because we had grown rather quickly and perhaps in a slightly ‘reckless’ way, looking back, we did not have an iron-clad contract in place.

Long story short… after agreeing to a deal and during the process of having his attorney review the sales agreement (and in hindsight probably his employment contract), he all a sudden had a change of heart and simply opened up 4 blocks away, made a copy of the patient list and began marketing like crazy to OUR patients we busted our butts to bring in.

Now what!?... I remember saying to Troy…

I tell you this little bit of history so you know understand that the same guys that created this training, have done it. We’ve made the mistakes; we’ve figured out what works. 
Fast forward almost 14 years… and now we have personally hired, trained and managed more than 25 chiropractors in our own practices and generated millions in additional profit in the process. 
And I am thankful to say that little piece of history has never repeated itself.
But more importantly for you, we have also helped hundreds of other chiropractic business owners and entrepreneurs add associate chiropractors to their own clinics resulting in…

More Time Freedom
More Income
More Impact on the Health of their Community

And, of course, all while protecting themselves from what happened to us years ago.
Through our books like Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic (rated 11 out of 10 by reviewers at Dynamic Chiropractic), consulting and many training programs, including our flagship product Patients to Profits, doctors have taken practices from the brink of death to thriving again while others have made a booming practice bigger or even branched out into multiple locations.

When it comes to hiring associate chiropractors, unfortunately many if not most clinic owners have a bad experience.

This is because most of them are having what we call an ‘Expansion Episode’
“Expansion Episode” – when a clinic owner is having success and is ready to expand and decides that another chiropractor working as confidently, diligently, intelligently and efficiently as he does would easily create even more growth. That part is the momentary lapse in judgment or what we call the ‘Episode.’
The reality: Once the associate is in, all the excitement wears off and it’s time to get down to the daily grind of saving lives and making money, the associate doesn't think, act or even have the same competence level as you do.

Wooops… now what?

You've spent all this time, money and effort to get this guy or gal up to speed and integrated in with patients and staff just to fire them?

It’s not that cut and dry.

You know how tough it is to get rid of a front office staff person… try doing it with a person that has been adjusting your patients or starting up a new location for you for the past 6 months.

Now THAT is a tough turnover on you, the staff and your patients!
And that’s where a program like Hiring the High Achieving Associate DC comes into play.

‘Hiring the High Achieving Associate DC’ takes you, the clinic owner, step by step through how to find, pay and manage an associate DC for minimal headaches and maximum success. 
No Fluff, No B.S. – just the same information we have shown other clinic owners and personally used to hire, train and manage associates for our own clinics.

And now you have access to it in an online format at a fraction of the price chiropractors have paid to learn this information from us in the past.
(Note: Videos are kept short so you can watch each one as you have time throughout the week)
Video 1 (15min) Introduction - The "If" "How" and "When" to Hire an Associate
  • Learn the 4 Financial Factors that determine if it makes sense to ad an associate and HOW you should structure their employment
  • The "lifestyle impact" it can have for you when done right
  • Bringing the DC into your Existing Clinic to Increase Profits, Increase Numbers or Even Replace Yourself
  • Bringing the DC into AN Add-on Clinic
Video 2 (17min) Compensation Strategies - Win/Win Ways for Paying your Associates
  • Discover the options and decide which is better for you

    NOTE: The best strategy for you will be based on
    1. Cash Flow
    2. Patient Numbers
    3. Whether you hire the associate as an Independent Contractor or Employee
  • Hybrid Pay - Learn our most recommended AND MOST POPULAR payment structure
  • From Basic Bonus Plans to Buyout Options or Ownership Percentages... We reveal our most coveted Bonus Systems that truly motivate an associate to succeed!
Video 3 (19min) Essential Associate Qualities - What to look for
  • Learn the Characteristics, History and even the Age that make for the Best Associate

    * What to look for is quite different depending on if you are hiring them as an Employee or Independent Contractor
  • Discover the Single Key Quality your Associate MUST HAVE 
Video 4 (16min) Finding the Perfect DC - Ads & Interviews
  • From online to on paper we show you Where and How to run your Ads
  • What to say in Ads to ensure a steady flow of responses
  • The "Interview system" - Quickly Weed Out the docs that aren't going to lend to practice growth
Video 5 (14min) The Ultimate Contract - Protect Your Business and Yourself
  • *Critical: Learn the essentials of a contract that will protect you and your business - and the TOP RED FLAG that indicates your potential candidate will not be easy to work with!

    *TIP... You want to give them the contract early on so you can walk if the Red Flag gets raised
  • The Ultimate Covenant Not to Compete. Rule #1 - Don't employ a doc without something that prevents them from opening up a mile down the road after they have forged a bond with the patients you busted your A$$ to get 
  • We give you the addendum's that allow you to use the same contract for any doc you hire now or in the future - just alter the addendum's. Saves you a ton of time and money!
Video 6 (27min) Managing the Relationship - How to help your New DC Succeed
  • Establishing Expectations (This is the #1 area where DC's make big mistakes with associates) 
  • Transitioning the new DC into the office for not only patients but also the staff
  • Proper Statistical Management of your Associate to TRACK & ENSURE "FOLLOW THROUGH"
  • Psychology of DC Management - Learn "Setting the Stage" strategies that will reduce the amount of handholding required by you 
  • Handling Associates Issues...Quick. Effective Strategies to Handle the Problems
As you can see by the short overview of what the videos will teach you, we have covered it all. But we took it a step further and had the videos professionally transcribed. So if you would rather read the information contained in the videos you will find it is word for word what Dr. Counselman is teaching you and even includes screen shots so you know exactly where you are in the video.
In addition to the videos – and to ensure you get the best fit and structure the employment the best way possible for your practice – we are also providing some great add-on bonuses.

Bonus #1 – The Contracts ($800 value minimum) – We provide you with 2 fully editable contracts (one for Employee and another for Independent Contractor employment) that we have refined with the help of several attorneys over the last several years.

Note: These contracts include a Covenant Not to Compete structure that alone is worth the price of admission.

Bonus #2 – Hiring Sites and Ads – Through Dr. Troy’s years of working with a chiropractic placement agency, he has compiled a list of online sites along with the strategies and actual ads he has used to ensure you have plenty of qualified applicants to choose from.

Bonus #3 – New Associate Mindset Shift Training – This is a fully editable document that you will use with a new or existing associate to get them on track for a mindset of healing, prosperity and practice growth.

Bonus #4 – FREE Consulting Call Bonus – Until now we have never offered one-on-one consulting with any program other than our flagship program (Patients to Profits) which sells for $2,000. However, because we know from experience that all business owners encounter different challenges when it comes to adding an associate to their practice, we find that this step is essential. 

“Hear What Other Doctors Have to Say About Hiring The High Achieving Associate DC…”
This is a complete A-Z instruction on how to hire train and manage a new associate in my clinic. This program saved me so much and that was worth so much more than the affordable cost! I recommended the associate program to any doctor looking to hire or is thinking about the idea of bringing an associate into their practice.

- Dr. Steve Whitelaw,  www.hogchiros.com

Very informative and insightful. I would highly recommend it to any Doc or owner looking to expand their business.

- John Dickerson, DC, www.Chiropracticmesa.net

I have hired a few associates that ended up ok but not exactly what i expected and they did not last. After reviewing your new material with videos regarding hiring an associate I now see why my way of doing things was not a true success!

I now have confidence I can create a win-win scenario for both parties. I'm loving practice like never before, but I agree with you that there are excellent ways to arrange thing in order to afford more family time and time away from the office and still be profitable.

- Dr. Wes Stamps, www.stampschiropractic.com

After 2 failed experiences in trying to find the right fit I now think that i have the information needed to hire an associate and make it a win/win for both of us.

I highly recommended this program. It's all here for you in an easy to understand way!.

- Dr. Louis D Amico DC, www.chippewachiropracticclinic.com

If you have used our consulting services or purchased a training program from us in the past then you know we keep the price low and we over deliver.

Ever since we started training chiropractors (more than 15 years ago) on how to serve more people and make a good living doing it… that has been our approach.

And we have stuck with that approach regardless of what others around us were and are doing and charging.

For everything that Hiring the High Achieving Associate DC will do for ensuring your hiring process and management success, we originally priced this well organized and virtually priceless training at a conservative $799.

However, to stick with our ‘affordable training with outstanding customer service’ business model that has not failed us thus far, we have reduced the price to just (Please Call: 480-360-3075).

This is a steal considering the amount of time, experience and money it took to figure out how to hire and manage an associate that becomes a loyal, competent and profitable asset to your practice.

Simply click the big Add To Cart button below and you are moments away from a program that will help you hire and manage an associate DC right the first time and avoid the costly mistakes so many business owners make. 
Hiring a High Achieving Associate DC
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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It’s all here… everything you need to avoid the headaches and mistakes that we see so many doctors make when trying to add their first, or even 2nd or 3rd, associate to their team.
                             And all with a 30 day no-hassle, no-questions asked money back guarantee.
We look forward to working with you helping you make your practice goals become a reality.

To your success!

Troy Counselman, DC
Daron Stegall, DC
Hiring a High Achieving Associate DC
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through paypal...
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